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1.Sir Gianfrancocast GiankusGlorious (5725)
2.Lord Saiyan PrinceGlorious (4643)
3.Lord Anthony HopkinsGlorious (3433)
4.Lord Alessandro InventoreGlorious (3358)
5.Lord Durlindo Delle CollineGlorious (2675)
6.Sir Madegar SegrinGlorious (2610)
7.Lord Pluto DelmareGlorious (2609)
8. Viktor HartiganGlorious (2145)
9.Lord Duncan RichardsGlorious (1992)
10.Lady Isabel Delle RoseGlorious (1876)
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Fersgard's Jousting
Knight Lord Sirfalas Duvainor
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After many requests, now who is attacked by a character with smaller level, will be able to revenge himself! ;)

- Discovering the Dungeons!
This evening will be available a new game mode.
You can explore a dungeon by moving it inside to find out what is hidden.
Of course, as usual, is still in the test phase, so go ahead! :)
Warning! The movement in the dungeon consumes rest ... To make it a bit more interesting and since it is Halloween, there is someone in town that might tell you something interesting ...
Have fun and good Halloween!