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The best 10 of MedievaLife!
1. Gianfrancocast GiankusGlorious (2896)
2.Lord Saiyan PrinceGlorious (2801)
3.Lord Fabrizio UguccioneGlorious (2311)
4.Lord Anthony HopkinsGlorious (2083)
5. Viktor HartiganGlorious (1625)
6.Lord Alessandro InventoreGlorious (1425)
7.Lady Madegar SegrinGlorious (1331)
8.Lord Duncan RichardsGlorious (1192)
9.Lord Taggart AvernumGlorious (1093)
10. Derfel CadarnGlorious (1067)
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Fersgard's Jousting
Knight Lord Loky Farrel
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- The night of witches ...
During this night a figure wanders the streets leading to a distant city ... What is looking for?

- Deleted limit for attacking cities
I delete, maybe temporarily or not, the limit for the attack to cities.

- Save the Christmas...
Hi mighty knights!
This year on the Xmas day someone will need your help...
Find him, help him and he will reward you! ;)

- Restore backup PG
Hi there, due to a problem, character has been restored to the backup of this morning... sorry for the inconvenience...

- Moving buying and selling items in artisans' shops
MedievaLife's Shops are full with item so I thought it would be appropriate to move the buying and selling directly in the stores of the artisans' workshops leaving the raw materials and every item that is not attributable to the artisans in the Shops. The displacement of the objects present in the shops will come with time while for the sale will be immediately available in the craftsmen's shops in all the cities.

- Fixed house blueprints bug
The error that occurs during the creation of house improvements has been corrected.